Frequently asked questions

General questions

I cannot play the Lesson movie (WMV) files.

You need the latest video codecs. Download this package from the Microsoft web site and install it to get rid of this problem.

Why do the movies freeze sometimes?

Clicking one movie button after another sometimes does not give the program enough time to close the old movie before opening the new one. Use the "Close Movie" button between movies to avoid this problem.

Can I use the program on a MAC?

No. There is not a MAC version of the program.

May I print the music?

There is not a Print feature in this version of the program, however there are PDF files available with the Wohlfahrt studies and "10 Basic Lessons for Violin". If you want to print other music or images then try Print Screen.

Can I use the program on other computers?

You may change computers, but it will not work without a valid registration. A registration reset is required.

Registration Questions

What happens if I get a new computer, or my hard drive fails?

Your registration entitles you to install the program on one machine. If you need to reinstall the program on an existing or new machine you are free to do so, request a registration reset.

What happens if I change my email address?

Your email address is your User Name, if you change it before changing your user information first, you will not be able to Login with your new email address.

Login with your current or old email address and password. Make changes in the user information section of the Login section.

What if I want the program on 2 machines?

Two machines require 2 separate registrations, i.e. 2 separate purchases.

In order to register the programs separately each needs an unique User Name or email address. You will have to create a new mail account for each new registration.

XP Settings

The program images are out of alignment.

If you have a problem with the "look" of the program, images in the wrong place, then try changing the desktop Theme.

Right click the desktop and select Properties from the menu. Click on the Themes tap and change it to "Windows Classic".

For other users, of laptops or SP3, it may be necessary to set the DPI to "Normal Size (96 DPI)", Under "Setting" "Advanced" "General".

Other settings may be: from "Control Panel", "Display" icon set screen resolution to 1024 x 768, under "Themes" tag set theme to "Windows XP (Modified)".

The installation program will not run.

The extra security included in Windows XP SP2 is applied differently when it is a fresh install as opposed to an update or a reinstall.

Maybe the Data Execution Prevention is causing an issue. Here is a page that discusses how to change the DEP settings.


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