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Orders will be processed within 24 hours.
If you don't receive your password within that time contact us.
Once you receive your password you will be able to login and download the program.
No files or registration codes are sent to you.
No downloads are available until you login.

Please follow the Registration Help instructions below.

Latest version:
Complete download for all Windows: 10/8/7/Vista/2000/XP (see help below)
Download The Violin Tutor (complete - ver. [72.7 MB]

Previous version: Okay for older OS 95/98/XP
Complete download:
Download The Violin Tutor (complete - ver. [72.4 MB]
For slow connections download parts individually:
Core download:
Download The Violin Tutor (core - ver. [13.2 MB]
Save to Disk (in TheViolinTutor folder with the other DLLs):
Lesson 1 [3.9 MB]
Lesson 2 [3.8 MB]
Lesson 3 [4.2 MB]
Lesson 4 [5.0 MB]
Lesson 5 [4.4 MB]
Lesson 6 [6.3 MB]
Lesson 7 [10.5 MB]
Lesson 8 [11.2 MB]
Lesson 9 [8.5 MB]
Lesson 10 [16.5 MB]


PDF - "10 Basic Lessons" [2.94 MB]
Music Memory [1.2 MB]
Reading - Note & Key [0.9 MB]
Tuner [1.3 MB]
Dice Game [1.3 MB]

Choose to match your "Screen Area".

  • Allow the image to load completely.
  • Place the cursor over the image.
  • Right click. Select "Set as Background".

Not sure of your monitor setting?

  • Right click on a blank area of the desktop.
  • Select "Properties" from the pop-up menu.
  • Choose the "Settings" tab from the "Display Properties" window.
  • Your current monitor setting is indicated under "Screen Area."

Note: Once you have received a password you may generate a new one at any time by using the "forgotten your password" link.

Forgotten Password link

Registration Help

You should have received an email with a password to allow you to login and download the program. After running the downloaded EXE file you should see the Setup Wizard program ready to install the software:

Setup Wizard

Running the installed program for the first time displays a registration window with the Install Code in the top right-hand corner:

Install Code

Authenticate the Install Code and generate the Registration Key. Login required.


Copy the generated Registration Keys into the registration window:

Enter Registration Keys

Click the "Register" button and the program is now registered:


User login

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