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Download the free demo to experience the playing sections of the program: the scales, arpeggios, exercises, tunes, piano accompaniments and studies. All other sections are presented as screenshot images. The demo has no time limit and is free to share unaltered. Donations welcome if used beyond purposes of evaluation.

Extras for Members

Purchasing The Violin Tutor gives you access to any extras, like bonus programs, wallpaper and unlimited updates.

10 Basic Lessons for Violin

"10 Basic Lessons for Violin"

PDF file to view or print. Each lesson covers a fundamental aspect of beginner violin learning.

  • 35 tunes and studies.
  • 25 exercise drills.
  • Music theory.
  • 70 images.
Reading- Note & Key

Reading - Note & Key

Test your note-reading and key recognition skill.
Also an aural test, to help with pitch recognition. 3 clefs to choose from:

  • Treble - for violin.
  • Alto - for viola.
  • Bass - for cello and bass.


Hear the open string violin notes.

  • Program in the shape of a violin.
  • Plays note once or repeats.
Music Memory Game

The Music Memory Game

Test your memory by trying to match 10 pairs of musical excerpts.
There are 4 types of tests to choose from:

  • Notes: selection of 10 notes.
  • Intervals: found in a chromatic scale.
  • Rhythms: simple 4 beat rhythms.
  • Melodies: simple 4 note melodies.
Dice Game

The Musical Dice Game

Create random Minuets for 2 violins.

  • Change individual bar or whole tune


Violin Wall Chart and Practice Aids

Cover tiny file look inside Violin Wall Chart Violin Wall Chart Composed by Martin Norgaard. For violin. Rolled, Reference. Wall Chart. All Styles. Beginning. Wall Chart. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.20276). ISBN 9780786668007. All Styles. 35 x 24 inches. The Violin Wall Chart presents innovative finger-pattern drawings for all twelve major scales in first position and movable patterns for higher positions. It also includes note finder chart and list of bowing terms. Printed on durable coated paper.

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